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Expert advice from top solo ad sellers

11 Experts Share Their Best Solo Ad Tip

I asked some of the top solo ad sellers to share their one best tip on solo ads. These tips come from their years of experience with the solo ad business. They cover the gamut from buying to selling to general guidance on solo ads.

So without further ado, here are their tips.

1. Writing swipe files is an art form

Hjalte Ravn Sofienfryd solo adsThe ability to write good swipe files will be a key determining factor in your solo ad business. You want to send out an email that makes people click, but at the same time, makes people opt-in and buy what’s on the other side of the squeeze page. In addition to that, you don’t want to get too many complaints and unsubscribes. Here’s an example of a swipe that will generate MASSIVE click-through rates:

Subject: I’m giving you $1000

Body: Hey… Click this link to get $1000 deposited to your PayPal INSTANTLY: LINK

This is NO joke!

My good friend and mentor are giving away $1000 to the first 20 people who claim them… >> Click here and get $1000 deposited straight into your PayPal account!

Talk soon,

Wouldn’t you click that? I know I would and so would a lot of people on your list… but I promise you this; Literally, no-one would opt-in when they got to the squeeze page and saw it was about something completely different… and I can guarantee you that you will also get a bunch of unsubscribes and complaints… So… The swipe needs to match the offer.

Let’s take a real-life example… Say you were to send a solo to this squeeze-page:

hjalte image

You could use the text on the site as inspiration for the swipe.

Subject: coffee stained blueprint reveals how to make $6,000 online!

Hey… For the first time ever, this guy is revealing EXACTLY how you can make $6,000 online:

>> Click here for the $6,000 online method <<

And the weirdest part is that the blueprint itself is handwritten on a coffee stained piece of paper…

Click here to see for yourself:

Let me know what you think,


As you can tell, I’m writing the entire swipe based on the headline only… Remember, that the headline is usually what has been given THE most attention on the entire squeezepage… If the buyer has his own swipe, it only makes things easier and mostly, it’s just a question of making the copy shorter. In my experience, a short email tends to convert better than longer ones.

Hjalte Ravn Sofienfryd created the very successful product Solo Ad Mastermind.


2. The best tip is quite simple: Testing, testing, testing

Kalle Viidik solo ads
In the solo ads business the numbers are the most important aspect. When you tweak your squeeze page + funnel to its maximum and exactly know your numbers. Then you are on your way to success basically.

Recommended tools: Quality Click Contol + Adtrackz Gold

Solo ads salespage:


Skype: kalle.viidik


3. Choose the Way to Pay

Ed newman solo adsHopefully when you buy a SOLO everything goes great but occasionally things don’t. So a good way to protect yourself is that when paying via PayPal use a credit card and not your PayPal balance. Normally if you pay with the balance you will almost always lose a PayPal dispute, if the seller responds, since it is a digital product so does not qualify for buyer protection. If you pay with your credit card usually PayPal will decide in your favor as they do not want to deal with a credit card dispute but even if they don’t you can still do a credit card dispute. The correct way to do this is to not login when making the payment but choose “Don’t have a PayPal account?”


Solo Ad Website:


4. The biggest downfall 99% of people make in the solo ad business is NOT KNOWING THEIR NUMBERS!

Lewis Turner solo adsYou need to treat this like a real business, work out your costs, and work out how many clicks that generates, how much that earns you and more importantly from this you can work out exactly how to scale the business and make sure it continues to grow. It also means you can focus on the aspects of your business that need improvement, be it the squeeze page, your follow-up sequence or just the traffic your buying in the first place…. you can see your “weakness” and fix it. Just knowing your numbers will mean you can join the 1% of people within the solo ad marketplace who are actually successful, so don’t put it off!”

Recommended Tool: A calculator!




5. Have tracking completely setup to track each Solo Ad separately.

Mike Buontemp solo adsI currently use InfusionSoft for each Lead source.

It is important because without it, you don’t know what to scale, and what to cut your losses on.





6. Start Low Then Grow

emilis strimaitis solo ads The biggest mistake you can do is blow your advertising budget in one or two days. Even if you have money, you want to start slowly. There will be so many things that you discover if you start slowly and if you would start buying 50 – 100 clicks instead of 500 – 1000. When you will be buying small amount of clicks from different solo providers you will discover that some perform better than another. Some solo providers will give you a bargain deal. You can only find this out by buying from many providers. Try to buy a solo from just about everyone – but buy 50 – 200 clicks. And always run an excel spreadsheet of solo ad vendors name, date when you’ve purchased, how many clicks, what was the price, how many leads you’ve got, how many unique and raw clicks you’ve got, how many sales you’ve made. By running a spreadsheet you can separate good guys from bad ones. This is numbers game.

Recommended tool: funnelKit 


Contact email:

Skype: ne_sejp_sau


7. Make Sure Your Solo Ad Seller is Reliable

bob bastian solo ads Buying solo ads is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to get targeted traffic to your offer. Unfortunately there are many wannabes and scammers who will send you questionable traffic and run with your money. Here are 4 tips to help you find reliable solo ad providers. 1. Buy a small amount of clicks for test purpose. If you’re dealing with a solo provider for the first time, always opt for small amount of clicks like 50 or 100 clicks, for testing purposes. If the solo ad delivers good results, you can always buy bigger packages later on. 2. Ask lots of questions. Before buying a solo ad, contact the solo provider and ask them some questions, such as: How did you build your list? What kind of offer is suitable for your list? What is the percentage of tier 1 clicks can I expect if I buy from you? Do you have sales page? Do you have a testimonial or someone that can vouch for you? 3. Look for “Red Flags”. If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Use your gut instinct and don’t buy if you spot some of these bad signs from a solo ad provide.

  • They don’t have sales page
  • They don’t have someone reputable to vouch for them
  • They don’t have testimonials
  • They do have testimonials, but it seems fake
  • They offer ridiculously low price for their solo ad (like 0.20-0.25)
  • Overpromises (like “ultra super duper mega responsive high quality clicks”)

Best case scenario they will send you legitimate but low quality traffic that is a waste of your money. Worst case scenario, well, they simply disappear with your money, leaving you bitter and frustrated. 4. Use a trusted solo ad marketplace. Solo ad marketplace such as “Solo Checker” can help you weed out bad solo provider and save you a tremendous amount of time. SoloChecker has a rating system so you can check a providers’ track record in real time. The calendar feature will really save your time, as it will help you to find the best solo ad deal in the chosen date. Well, that’s all my tips for today. Happy solo ad hunting.

Bob Bastian is the owner of SoloChief which is a high response solo ad service.

Recommended Resource: Solo Checker




8. Think outside the box

scrembo scrembo solo adsOk guys, I would say that there isn’t any big tip or secret with solo ads – it’s just up to you. If you are willing to think outside of the box then you will succeed. My best tip is this, think outside of the box each time and continue to focus on your plan. DO NOT change your system each week. Be hands on every day in your business.  Simple things will make you to achieve yours goals.





9. 3 Most Important Characteristics are Trust, Trust, and Trust

Daniel Madeira solo adsI want to share an important tip that will make the difference in running a successful solo ads business. The solo ads industry is a relatively small community of marketers where everyone knows each other and reputation is probably the main key for success. From the start you should build trust and friendly business relationships in this industry. You should always care about the quality of your traffic. With that said, it´s crucial that you ALWAYS follow-up with people that are buying your traffic in order to be sure they are 100% happy with the results. This should be applied also when you are swapping or banking traffic too. If they are not 100% happy than you have the duty to make then satisfied. Be sure that you will benefit from that. Long term customers is what you should look for and this is the way to get them.


Solo Ads Website:


10. Start off small and gradually work yourself into bigger buys

joshua zamora solo adsThe last thing you want to do is make a big purchase and get burned or get lower than expected conversions. Use smaller buys to test your squeeze pages before going big. $15-$80 buys are a good starting point. Also ALWAYS check for reviews. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sharks in the solo ad business. Make sure you always ask for reviews no matter who the seller is. Lastly, trust your gut. If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right don’t go through with the buy. I would’ve saved quite a bit if money by doing this.




11. This tip was removed on request

Sorry to do it but I had no choice but to remove this tip.


 Other Resources

Be sure to check out these resources in regards to solo ads on my website. I have written several great posts about solo ads. Here they are:

In addition I have the complete results of every solo ad that I have ever purchased. Here is my Solo Ad Rolodex.




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by Jennifer Bland

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7 comments… add one
  1. Nice tips from the top solo sellers.. But Somehow I disagree with two of (name removed) points..

    The first saying – Never buy from newbies.
    That’s a very poor approach. That way you will never give a chance to a newbie and if Successful people start doing that, there will be no newbies around.

    The second point saying – Look for familiar faces..
    This again is an extension of the above point meaning, you should only buy from people who have been in the business for long. The question is why not test newer people as well. Are all new Solo-Sellers Frauds?

    1. DK,

      Both you and (name removed) have valid points but just take an entirely different perspective. Prashant is valid because you don’t want to be the person that get screwed as a newbie is learning the trade. It is like not wanting to fly with someone that is learning how to fly but has yet to get his pilots license.

      I have to agree with him on look for familiar faces. Reputation is so important in the solo ad business. So if you see testimonials from people that have already earned their reputation then that immediately gives a level of trust to the newbie trying to make a sale.


  2. All good tips. Bob Bastion makes some good points. Good solo ad sellers will have all the answers to the question he suggests on their solo ad page.

    He says buy small amount of clicks to start with but I’ve been told by a successful marketer that some solo ad sellers send your ad to a segment of their list that does not result in good quality traffic.

    Hard to know who to believe but often good to check solo ad sellers out on the Warrior forum or in FB groups.


    1. Sandy,

      I have heard that comment that sellers will send part of your clicks to the non-performing part of their list. But you have to realize that several of these experts have commented about trust. When people realize that is what a seller is doing then the word spreads rapidly. As you said if you checkout the groups about a person you would see people posting about their shady tactics. That seller either goes out of business or changes their way.


    2. Hi Sandy,

      Thanks for your feedback. I cannot comment on what other solo sellers do and don’t, but for me delivering highest quality traffic is my priority, whether my clients order 100 or 1000 clicks. If my clients are satisfied they will come back for more (About 70% of my business come from repeat customers).

      I also agree with your statement “hard to know who to believe”. The key is ask around and do some research, and never buy on impulse.

  3. Some great information here and perfect timing for me as I have just started delving into the world of solo ads. This is a great resource to help me get started and avoid some of the pitfalls involved.
    I started list building in the second half of the year and have had some great results, now is the time to scale it up!

    Great post and a really cool blog

    Have a great Christmas and New Year Jennifer

  4. Great help for me.

    I have a list of 10k subs but was not selling solos, was offering my businesses.

    This will help me a lot.

    Thank you.


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