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Banking My Way to $100 Per Day

For the past ten days I have been heads down trying to build my online list. My goal is to grow a list big enough that I am able to make $100 per day. You can read about my results in my first week of building a list here. Several people that have accomplished this say they spend a half hour to an hour a day for an entire month before they are able to reach the $100 per day goal. I think they grossly underestimated the time they spent daily.

It takes money to make money

There is definitely some truth in the old adage “it takes money to make money.” Well I knew what my goal was, my deadline and my budget. To get started with building a list I squirreled away $1,000 cash. This was going to be my seed money to get my started.

Using my seed money I went out and started to buy solo ads from as many people as I could. A solo ad is where someone promises to send a specified minimum number of clicks to your squeeze page. Most people built their reputation on their ability to send their agreed upon clicks and as a result it is not unusual for them to send you more clicks than you purchased. If you are satisfied with the over delivery then you will recommend them and are much more likely to purchase from them down the road.

The rule of thumb is that it takes $1 to get each new subscriber to your list. The reason is that not every one that is sent to your squeeze page will sign up to your list. If you can get more than 50% of the clicks to signup then you have a very good squeeze page. Since this is my first start I am sitting at 34.92% of clicks signing up for my list.

How Well Was My Money Spent

As I have mentioned my budget was $1,000. In reality I spent $1.201. For my money I was able to purchase 29 solo ads. Almost all of the solo ads that I purchased were for 100 clicks. There were 3 solo ads that I purchased for just 50 clicks each.

The solo ads that I purchased were for a total of 2,750 clicks. As I mentioned most solo ad sellers will over deliver and I received 3,580 clicks. Out of this I was able to get 1,268 subscribers added to my list. The actual number of subscribers that I got was higher but some of them have unsubscribed from my list. I am using Aweber for my auto responder and they charge you for the unsubscribed people if you do not remove them from your list. I make it a habit to go in and remove these unsubscribed users so that I will not be charged for them.

The way my squeeze page is setup when anyone subscribes I take them to an OTO offer. My OTO offer is my Amazon Affiliate Bible. The good news is that I have made $512.94 from sales of the OTO. In addition I was able to also make another $12 from a PPL – pay per lead – program that I am an affiliate. So my real out of pocket expense is only $675.26 because I am able to subtract the revenue from the OTO sales and PPL program from the total amount that I have spent.

With a total out of pocket cost of $675.26 I was able to add 1.268 subscribers to my list. That comes out to a cost of $0.53 per subscriber. This is much lower than the $1 per subscriber average. So I am pleased with my first round of adding subscribers since it was at a very reasonable cost.

Banking Clicks to Grow My List for Free

Let me explain the concept of click banking because you need to know this if you want to dramatically grow your list. Above I have shown you how I grew my list to over 1,200 subscribers by buying solo ads. The problem is this costs money. Click banking on the other hand is free.

Here is a picture of my funnel.


When people are taken to the download page, you can include an unannounced bonus section. This is where you try to entice them to click on the unannounced bonuses which will take them to your click banking partners squeeze page. Just like a solo ad, you agree to deliver a minimum number of clicks to their squeeze page.

Let me give you a real life example of how this works. I get two to click bank with me. Since I am starting out the agreement is that I send them clicks first because I have no idea how man clicks I might be able to send them. I will strive to send them 100 clicks each. I put a link on my download page that goes to their squeeze page.

As I purchase solo ads and people subscribe to my list they are exposed to the unannounced bonuses of my click banking partners. I hope they will clicks on the links thus allowing me to bank their clicks. Once I bank 100 unique clicks to my partners then they will turn around and send me 100 unique clicks.

Once you have a list of people then you start emailing your list. You can send an email that basically says that you found this great deal for them and they only need to click here to get this fabulous free deal that you found for them. So I can drive clicks to my click banking partners through emails as well as my download page.

How I am Banking Clicks on my Download Page

Here is what my download page looks like. Feel free to click on the links – especially since I am banking the links. Just click once though because I only count unique clicks so clicking more than once will only count as one click. You can optin to their email address when clicking on the links to get their free offer.

Here are your downloads – Bookmark This Page Now!!!
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 A Great Mastermind Group for Learning About Solo Ads

I have joined several Facebook groups dedicated to solo ads. In these groups you find people that are buying and selling solo ads. People will leave their feedback on how well a solo ad they purchased performed. This allows you to find out who you should do business with and who you should avoid.

There is one Facebook group that I post in and read on a regular basis. It advertises itself as the largest Facebook group dedicated to solo ads. If you want to learn more about solo ads then I recommend you join the Solo Ad Supremacy Facebook group. Invitation is by invite only and the owner approves everyone. If you screw others around on selling solo ads then  you get banned from the group and your name is added to the banned list. Before buying any solo ad make sure that person’s name is not on the banned list.

Here is a link to join the Solo Ad Supremacy Facebook group. Just follow the signup instructions and you will be approved. I highly recommend this group.

What is My Next Step?

I am going to continue purchasing solo ads this week. In addition I will continue banking clicks with my click bank partners. When I reach 100 clicks then I will ask them to send me 100 clicks back in exchange. I am building a new squeeze page or two. I will debut them in a future post to get everyone’s feedback.

This weekend I am going to write a quick report showing how I went from $0 to $100/day with affiliate marketing. I am going to use this as my free offer on the new squeeze pages that I will be creating. I will post a copy of my report here for all my readers to download. I am also going to post a free WSO on Warrior Forum promoting my report. In order to get the free report you will have to subscribe to my list. Many people recommend this as a great way to get a large number of subscribers to your list.

The next thing I want to get involved with is a giveaway contest. In a giveaway contest you will have 6 to 9 people involved. They are all offering their free report. Everyone is required to send a minimum number of clicks to the giveaway page. When people subscribe they are taken to a page that shows all the free offers from everyone. They can then subscribe to as many lists as they want to get the free items. If you have 9 people sending 200 clicks each, there is a possibility of getting 1,800 potential subscribers. The reality will be much less because you may only get 50% of them to subscribe. If that happens then you could get up to 900 new subscribers to your list in exchange for sending 200 clicks. Not a bad way to grow your list.

This weekend I am going to be putting together my numbers for April to see how I did with my online income. Right now the numbers look promising and I am pretty sure I have surpassed my take home pay from my day job! I will be posting my April Online Income Report on Monday so be on the lookout for my email. You can check out my previous monthly income reports here.



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by Jennifer Bland

I am an Entrepreneur. Mountain Climber. Neil Diamond fanatic. World traveler. MBA grad. Soon to be permanently retired from the ratrace. My website is a diary of strategies that I have used to make money online. I share what I have learned to help others.

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  1. thanks for the blow by blow details. I love the speed of the method – now I just have to squirrel away a $1000.



  2. Alex,

    Thanks for the comment. I am hoping to be at the $100/day mark in 4 weeks. Just get started with what you have and improvise on the way but never give up.



  3. Pretty good results from your OTO. I removed my OTO and use the page for clickbanking instead until my list grows bigger.

    1. Lena,

      I kinda combined both OTO and clickbanking. I put all my clickbanking on the download page they go to after they decline the OTO. Not sure if this is the best strategy or not.

      I have to check out your post about split testing your squeeze page because this is something everyone needs to be good at doing.


  4. Very good stuff here Jennifer. Way to reach 1200 subs. Add in a couple of adswaps, giveaway events, buying solos, and banking and you will have a pretty huge list 🙂

    – Isaiah J.

    1. Isaiah,

      I am jumping on my first giveaway on Monday. Hope to have a good result from it and will be able to add quite a few new subscribers with this method.

      Part of my list came from you!!


  5. Tried to join but the link you have provided leads to a paid offer.

    Not sure if declined we get access to the FB group.

    1. Randy,

      Yes, after you sign up to join the Facebook group, Lewis Turner will present you with a paid offer to entice you to purchase. If you follow the instructions on joining then you should be invited into the Facebook group. Let me know once you are accepted and in the group. You will see that I post there several times a week.


      1. Ok, so its a paid group and only open to those who purchase the OTO?

        I wanted to clarify that part.

        Also, if the FB group alone is worth the $37 for the OTO? Seeing you are already a member there.

        PS – Thanks for sharing and helping us noobs.

        1. Randy,

          No wait you have that all wrong. There is NO CHARGE to join the Facebook group. If what I said earlier implied that then I must apologize. When you go to the page and enter your name and email address then it will immediately attempt to sell you something. If you are not interested in purchasing then scroll to the bottom and click the link that says you are not interested. Eventually you get to the final page that gives you the steps you must complete to join the Facebook group. There is no charge to join the group. Hope that answers your question.


  6. hi Jenniffer,
    Thanks for clearing lots of doubt regarding solo ads and sharing some useful info with us.But can we use some other tools for getting email list i.e email collecting softwares available in the market.Is this possible?

    1. Karamvir,

      I am not familiar with any tool that collects emails like you suggested so I do not have any input.



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