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My 7 Step Process for Affiliate Marketing Promotions – Part Two

Note: read Part One here.

Step 5 Link Articles and Cross Promote

This has been the best strategy that I have used in promoting my current affiliate program. This is a strategy that I borrowed from Amazon which is the best at getting people to buy products other than the one they were going to purchase initially.

If a person does not buy the product that brought them to your website then they might purchase another product that you recommend. DO NOT overlook this step.

Here is a graphic image that I drew out on a napkin showing how I link all of the articles across all of my websites. I am not a right brain person so this hand drawn image is the best I can do.

link articles

Let me do my best to explain this picture showing how I link all of my websites. For the example I am showing 3 articles that have been published on every website. At the bottom of every article on every website I have a section titled “Check out these other articles” that has a list of 3 to 5 articles. This list will have the title of the article that is hyperlinked to the article.

If I only show 3 articles then this is how I pick articles to link to. First I will always link to another article on the same website where this article is published. The second recommendation is linked to an article immediately clockwise next to this website. Article 2 on my website would link to the first article on Squidoo. The third recommendation or Article 3 would link to the first article on This strategy allows you to easily and freely create both internal backlinks within your own website as well as links to your other websites.

The cross promotion uses a technique that I teach in my Amazon Affiliate Bible product. This will be a section immediately below the articles that would be titled “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” and this should be complimentary products to the product you are reviewing in your article. These products should come from the other 2 affiliate programs that you signed up for in Step 1.

To create this get looking table, I use a free wordpress plugin called WP Table Reloaded. You would install the plugin on your website. What I do is a I create 5 tables with different products on my website. Then I create a dummy post that displays all 5 of the tables. Since you cannot install a plugin on Weebly, Blogger or Squidoo, what I do is I copy/past the source code for a table into these websites. I would rotate the 5 tables around different articles on every website. Here is what one of my tables would look like.

Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought

Step 7 Watch Analytics

I install the free plugin Jetpack on my website, blog and websites. This will tell me the keywords people are using to type into Google to find my website. It will tell me which post on my website is being visited the most. If you are using Squidoo then you use the stats on the lens. For weebly just click on the stats button for your website.

You will find that people will use keywords that you did not cover in any of your articles to reach your website. Write down every one of these keywords. If someone misspells a product name to find your website then make a note of it. You will be using these keywords to write your next batch of product review articles.

This allows you to rank not only for your primary keyword that you targeted initially but also for other long tail keywords. These long tail keywords will have less competition allowing you to rank quicker and easier in Google. For my current affiliate program I am not getting over 250 users a day to my website. It is amazing to me some of the keywords that people are putting in to find my website. I will tell you that I have written an article for almost every keyword somebody used to reach my website.

The last part of watching analytics is to see how you are ranking for keywords that people are using to find your website. If you find yourself ranking on page one of Google for a keyword, then stop all article writing that you are doing and take the article that is ranked on page one and have it rewritten for all of your websites. This will allow you to rank multiple websites on page one of Google. When you write these articles for the other websites make sure you use the original keyword in the tags as well as some of the other new long tail keywords.


This process does take some time. With promoting Rogue Fitness I am venturing into the fitness arena which is very, very competitive. That is why I am going for less keywords like “best weightlifting shoes”. To offset the challenge I will face entering into the fitness market, I just signed up last week for another affiliate program for Safe Ride for Kids. The baby market is an evergreen market. The reason I love Safe Rides for Kids is that this is a unique product that doesn’t have very much competition. It is a new product that is being promoted by a very good friend of mine. I met Stephanie because she is a member of the Fire Team for Tony Robbins. The Fire Team is responsible for building the fire that attendees to Tony Robbins UPW events walk across. If you are looking for an evergreen product that does not have much competition that I recommend you look at Safe Rides for Kids. Visit website and click on the affiliate link in the footer and email Stephanie. Make sure you tell her that you got the recommendation from Jennifer at I do not get anything from recommending this product to you.

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by Jennifer Bland

I am an Entrepreneur. Mountain Climber. Neil Diamond fanatic. World traveler. MBA grad. Soon to be permanently retired from the ratrace. My website is a diary of strategies that I have used to make money online. I share what I have learned to help others.

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  1. Do you build any backlinks to any of your web 2.0 websites to get to position #1 or #2 in google? Can you tell me if you have had any of your web 2.0 websites shut down because they just felt like doing that? Will let you review clickbank products on their site or will they only allow you to promote amazon products or other physical products? If you wanted to build a web 2.0 property to promote a clickbank product which web 2.0 property would you use?

    1. John,

      Yes I definitely did backlinks to my web 2.0 websites. Once my websites got to page one of google in position #5 and #7, I hired They have a service when you are on first page of google they charge $50 for every single position they bump you up. They bumped my 2 sites from #5 and #7 to #1 and #2.

      I have never promoted clickbank products with Squidoo so I cannot answer that they would reject it. I do know Squidoo tends to reject or take down lens that promote products like acai berry, herbal supplements and the like. So if you have a product that falls outside of that realm then I would suspect it would be ok.


  2. Interesting system, I will give it a try. Are you missing a step? Step 5 is Linking & Cross Promoting: Step 7 is Watch Analytics. What is Step 6? I haven’t looked at Amazon Affiliate Bible for a while so I while need to revisit. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Tom,

      Well dang. I originally wrote out in my notes my steps and grouped them together then misnumbered them. Shit happens I guess.


  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I came over here by way of Tiffany Dow’s blog. I am the one doing the Fantastic Blogs Newsletter. Anyway, I am interested in what you are doing here.

    I am an affiliate marketer (not on the main blog, the site isn’t ready yet) and I have to do everything myself. With no knowledge.

    You have an interesting blog. Thanks.

    1. Ruth

      You are doing an outstanding job compiling everything from the challenge.

      Good luck on your forray into affiliate marketing. Follow these 7synergies steps and you should do great. Leave comments here or email me if you have any questions.


  4. What a great article, Jennifer! It opened my eyes on how I can start my Internet Marketing business with Affiliate Programs. I quit my job and it’s been hard to find a job specially at my age so I’ve decided to sell affiliate products. This article of yours is simple, to the point and it gives all the insights on how to start an online business. The writers you use and that you’ve mentioned in this article are still available for me to contact them? Thanks for this great article! You’re the best!

    1. Cynara,

      Affiliate programs is the fastest and cheapest way to get started with making money online. Most of the writers are still available online and yes feel free to contact them.



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