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My August 2013 Online Income Report

August was a very promising month for me because I was able to reap rewards from the seeds I had planted earlier. I was able to generate income from two new revenue sources. This is exciting.

You Reap What You Sow

Two months ago I posted about becoming a new affiliate for Rogue Fitness. I created a Squidoo lens that promoted their products. I didn’t do much more than this to promote this new affiliate program. But during August I was able to see the rewards for my promotion efforts. During August I received a commission check for $49.05.

Rogue Fitness pays a flat 5% commission on any sales you refer to their website. It is always nice to get rewarded for your efforts. I actually referred multiple sales to the website from my Squidoo Lens Crossfit Garage Gym – Top 5 Equipment for a Home Gym. It is always rewarding to be able to see the fruits of your labor.

During September I am going to start producing more lens to promote more of their products. I am busy promoting SafeRide4Kids right now but when I am finish I am going to concentrate on Rogue Fitness.

In August I earned $49.05 from Rogue Fitness.

Book Royalties

This is one income stream that I love to check on each and every month. It is just amazing that I am able to bring in income with absolutely ZERO effort on my part. I don’t have to have  a website to maintain nor worry about getting ranked in SERPs. I just write books, publish to Amazon and cash royalty checks each and every month.

Someday I might consider learning how to promote my books but for right now I just enjoy cashing the checks with little to no work. In August I earned $70.62 in book royalties.

Affiliate Marketing

This is how I got my start with earning money online and will probably always be my bread and better. There are many affiliate programs that I promote. Up above I mentioned Rogue Fitness. I am currently promoting SafeRide4Kids on my new web 2.0 website at car seat travel vest. Check it out let me know what you think. I have already posted 5 articles on the website and then scheduled another 10 articles to be dripped fed every 5 days.

You could not find any 2 products more diverse than weightlifting/gym equipment and child safety seats. That is the beauty of affiliate marketing. There are an endless number of products that you can promote as an affiliate. Some pay commissions based on a rotating scale. Others pay anywhere from 5% to 10% commissions. There are programs that probably pay you a higher commission rate.

If you want to start earning money online then pick an affiliate program, sign up and start promoting. If you check out my website above, you will notice that it is on a free blog. It did not cost me one penny to start promoting this affiliate program. You can get started with affiliate marketing with no out of pocket cost.

Don’t limit yourself to promoting just one product either. I found out the hard way about putting all your eggs into one basket. I recommend that you promote as many products as you feel comfortable with supporting. During August I earned  $1,765.54 in commissions from affiliate marketing.

Product Sales

This is one area that I am focusing on right now. By creating your own products then you are the master of your own fate. Read about this in my previous blog post. You can control your own destiny by creating your own products. During August I created a new product. This product was custom Facebook Timeline covers. During August I earned $120 from my new product.

I also have my other products that I continue to sell. I sell them on many different platforms. During August I earned $260 from the sales of my other products.

August 2013 Online Income Report

Here is a break down of how I did in August 2013.

$1,765.54 Affiliate Marketing

$49.05      Rogue Fitness

$120          Facebook Timeline Covers

$260         Product Sales

$70.62     Book Royalties


$2,265.21 August 2013 total online income report



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by Jennifer Bland

I am an Entrepreneur. Mountain Climber. Neil Diamond fanatic. World traveler. MBA grad. Soon to be permanently retired from the ratrace. My website is a diary of strategies that I have used to make money online. I share what I have learned to help others.

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  1. I am just loving this Jennifer. I would just love to make this type of money from affiliate marketing and I am sure many other people would love to hit that amount each month as well.

    1. Sue,

      Would NOW be a good time to start earning this amount from affiliate marketing? What is stopping you?


  2. Nice work Jennifer!! That is really awesome and I love how you broke out each section. Your affiliate income is pretty impressive!

    I was curious you you get traffic for that. Do you really on SEO or do you have another system for bring people’s eyes to your page 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to share all this with us!

  3. Lance,

    I rely entirely on organic SEO for traffic to all of my websites and I have quite a few. I do not use paid traffic like PPC, banners or ads. Though someday I want to learn about Facebook ads. My best affiliate website get between 100-250 visits a day but then again it is ranked on first page of Google for over a dozen different keywords. I chose to promote affiliate products that have very low keyword searches so there is much less competition. This allows me to get ranked for long tail keywords that over time start to rank for the more popular short tail keywords. My website with the most visits has been up and running for over a year and half and I think that helps in driving traffic.


  4. Jennifer,

    Your success is very inspirational.

    To rank your keywords on the first page of Google did you build any backlinks to your posts, if so what type of backlinks?

    Also, what do you deem as a long tail keyword? For instance as an Amazon affiliate, do you just use “product name + review” as your long tail or do you look for longer keywords than this?

    1. Mellow,

      Yes i built backlinks to my posts to get ranked in Google. I also tried blog posting and article marketing to get backlinks to my posts. For a long time I used for building my backlinks.

      I recommend going for long term keywords first since there is so much less competition. For example best books for hvac contractors. Once I start getting traffic then I use analytics to see what other terms they are using to find my website and write posts using those terms. Over term your traffic starts to grow.

      But don’t go immediately for a high searched keyword. You will find competition too tough and will get frustrated and quit too quick if you don’t see ranking results on highly competitive keywords. Start with the low hanging fruit and build up from there.


  5. Hi,
    Great you are earning very good, But I think you should not share your income reports, this world is full of bad people they can do anything to destroy a successful business.

    I hope you got my point!


    1. Nishant,

      You might be right about that what you say. If people want to active in a destructive manner then that is a reflection of them. My sharing information is a reflection of how I chose to live my life.


  6. Hi Jennifer,

    Found your site today and have been reading through your income reports. I just love reading those and wish you all the success with your goals.

    Just a little heads up, I noticed in this months report that you have a blog with affiliate links. If you read the TOS you should have noticed that you aren’t allowed to use your blog to generate income. It might not happen right away, but they can a. close your account or b. have those links forward to their TOS where it states that monetization isn’t allowed. Just a heads up so you know what can happen.


    1. Leslie,

      Thank you so very much for the heads up! I will work on removing the affiliate links right away.


  7. hi Jenifer

    Congrats for your achievement!

    I recall you were selling an Amazon money-making ebook… and stated you had 50 sites

    Are these hosted elsewhere like for e.g. on or on your own web host?

    Would love to hear more from you…

    1. John,

      Almost all of my Amazon affiliate sites are now in my sister’s hosting account. When I get out of the ratrace, I am gifting all my Amazon income to my sisters. The hosting is done at Bluehost or hostgator.and they are all wordpress websites.

      Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you get notified of all future posts.


  8. I am so glad to have found you. I was looking over all the stuff I just bought and ran across your amazon bible, got it now I’m off to read it. Your an inspiration to me as I want to build a some more income, for our pre retirement. Thanks for putting it out there.

    PS. What was that about, you can’t have affiliate links in a wordpress blog??? What am I not understanding here. I thought that was the whole point.

    1. Michelle,

      I am so glad that you found me too! Be sure to tell all your friends about me. Thanks for purchasing my Amazon Affiliate Bible. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope it helps you to build a really big retirement fund.

      My affiliate site that is promoting saferide4kids is on which is a free website. They have TOS that do not prevent direct affiliate links. Since I am using their free platform I must work within their TOS so i updated all the direct affiliate links to point to my website first and then they go to the product I am promoting.



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