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My July 2013 Income Report

This month I felt the full impact of losing my 2 largest affiliate programs.  The reality that those sales are no longer present in my income stream really hit home. The net result is that I earned only $2,114.45 in July.

Changing Directions

I have already moved on since loosing my two largest affiliate programs. If you haven’t read about what happened read my blog post that explains exactly what happened. These were the bulk of my online income. I had some residual income from these 2 in June but nothing in July. It sucks but it gives me the opportunity to open quite a few new doors. I started out with my new niche website iHvacZone and I am looking to get it ranked and monetized.

Now that I am back from my 10 day holiday I am going to start promoting I have over 60 articles written and I will start putting them out in web 2.0 websites, doc sharing sites, ezine sites and presentation sites.

I spent this past weekend looking at other WSOs on WarriorForum and made a list of all the items that they offered. I am putting together my own WSO as another mechanism to create money online. I want my WSO to offer more value that what is found in most other WSOs.


I purchased a lens a while back from someone on the WarriorForum. I have been presently surprised that this lens was making some money each and every month. Especially since I was doing nothing to it. I decided to go in and make some changes to the lens and try and improve its monthly income. Well this was a mistake because as soon as I published the lens after making the changes Squidoo locked and unlisted my lens.

Seems this has been happening to quite a few other people. Erica Stone who is the Squidoo queen recently sent out an email that Squidoo was doing the same things to her lens. Then she said that Squidoo closed her account even though she was a Giant Squid and she lost all of the income from over 300 lens.

Well now I have a chance to follow Erica’s directions and either take the content and publish it on my own website or change the content of the lens to get it accepted by Squidoo. I think I am going to do the latter since I don’t want a website dedicated to just container gardening.

Even with my primary lens being locked I still earned $16.41 from Squidoo.

Product Sales

When life gives you lemons then make your own products. If you control your own destiny then you can’t be subjected to the whims of having someone close your affiliate account or remove your lens. I will be creating my next WSO this month so I can control my destiny.

During July My Amazon Affiliate Bible sold 20 copies.  Actually it sold more copies than that but I pay affiliates 60% in commissions.  The way WarriorForum payment system works is that payments are split between myself and the affiliates. I get the whole $17 for one sale and then the affiliate gets the whole $17 for like the next 3 sales. So my commissions reflects only the sales where I received the full $17 payment.

During July I earned $340.00 for sales of my Amazon Affiliate Bible.

Affiliate for other Products

If you have ever read my Amazon Affiliate Bible, you will see that I recommend other products. I actually go through my Bible and show you how to use these products. Once you see how they are used then you can decide whether or not to purchase them.

During July I earned $70.28 in commissions from the products I recommended in my Amazon Affiliate Bible.

Affiliate Marketing

This has been and probably always will be my biggest source of online income. It will eventually be replaced by sales of my own products as I start to produce more and more products. Even though I lost my 2 largest affiliate programs I still receive income from other affiliate programs.

In July I earned $1,562.45 from affiliate marketing.

Solo Ads

As I jumped into Solo Ads I learned about Pay Per Lead programs. Once someone opts into your list then you can send them to another page to opt-in. If they sign up then you get a commission. If you send enough of the people that opt-in to your list to other PPL programs then you can actually make more money than the cost you spent on the solo ad.

Even though I did not do much with solo ads in July I still got commissions from the PPL program. I earned $4.50.

Also in July I participated in a big JV giveaway event sponsored by Kevin Fahey. There were 35 people participating in the event and I ended up placing 6th. Not bad for my first JV Giveaway event. As a result I ended up earning $60 and I added almost 400 names to my solo ad list.

All total in July I earned $64.50 from solo ads.

P.S. I have finally put together my table showing the results of all my solo ads that I have ever purchased. You can sort the list based on any column. If you want to see the results I have gotten from the solo ads I have purchased then you will find it here. If you want to purchase a solo ad from any of these sellers I have included the contact information for almost everyone. Here is my solo ads rolodex.

Book Royalties

When I talk about creating your own products to control your own destiny, book royalties is one method you can use to control your own destiny. You don’t have to limit yourself to creating WSOs.

My books in July created $60.81 in book royalties.

July 2013 Income Report

Here is the total break down of my July 2013 Income Report.

$16.41  Squidoo

$1,562.45  Affiliate Marketing

$340.00  Product Sales

$70.28   Recommending other products

$64.50  Solo Ads

$60.81  Book Royalties


$2,114.45  Total July 2013 Income

My reason Why

This total comes out to $60.28/day for the 31 days in July. For the first 6 months of the year I was averaging over $100/day. So this was a drop of about 40%. If you had your income from your day job drop by 40% it would hurt and would probably devastate many people.

I am glad I still have my day job income and this online income just provides me with extra disposable income. If you didn’t check my last post I recently traded in my 15 year old car for a brand new Kia Optima EX car. My online commissions paid for the down payment.

In addition I just returned from a 10 day trip abroad with my mother and younger sister. This sounds crazy but we visited England, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Ireland and Northern Ireland in 9 days. My online commissions completely paid for my trip.

I work hard each and every day to build my online income so that it provides me with the opportunity to have experiences in my life. I don’t want a big mansion or a Ferrari. Instead I want to be able to travel to 100 countries – I have been to 66 countries now. That is my WHY. Without a reason WHY you will NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER put in the time and energy that you need to accomplish your goals.

The current speed bump that I went over in the last two months just further hardened my resolve. The holiday was a nice way to recharge the batteries and enjoy life. Now that I am back I am going to be making some major changes and get my online income back up.

My goal before the speed bump was to earn $250/day by August 31st. My new goal is to earn $250/day by December 31st.

What is your goal? What are you doing to reach your goal? What are sacrificing to get there? I will leave you with the saying my coach taught me and words I find myself silently repeating to myself when I face challenges. (You can read about my coach here)

today I will do what others wont so tomorrow I can do what others cant


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by Jennifer Bland

I am an Entrepreneur. Mountain Climber. Neil Diamond fanatic. World traveler. MBA grad. Soon to be permanently retired from the ratrace. My website is a diary of strategies that I have used to make money online. I share what I have learned to help others.

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  1. What a great turnaround for you! Amazing….

    1. Bella,

      Thanks for the support. I spent a great amount of time this past weekend after returning from holiday to plan out the rest of the month. I have been excited to get up every day this week at 5AM to get work done before my job and then I work on it again in the evenings.


  2. I’m impressed by how much you have learned in such a short time, compared to a lot of other people online. For example, I still am studying the whole solo ad concept, and you are already doing it.

    Love this blog-

    1. Kimberly,

      Sometimes you have to just take the first step. You will never learn everything you need to know before you take that first step which is what keeps most people from ever taking that first step. Once you take the step you have to be committed and be willing to learn on the fly based on what happens.

      Glad you enjoy my blog. Be sure to share it with all your friends, family and co-workers.


  3. It always inspiring to read your monthly reports. Even with the dip in earnings, you are still doing well.

    Glad to hear about your whirlworld trip to the UK and that your online commissions paid for it. Great stuff.

    Have a great August 🙂

    1. Victoria,

      When I wrote my status report to my coach I told him about earning “only $2k+” last month. I then told him that is the wrong wording to use because when you compare it to the 11 people in my department at work I earned more than my 10 co-workers combined did in July for online income. So it is something to be proud of even if it is a temporary dip.


  4. Wow Jennifer many people would be thrilled with the income you made in July, especially while working another job.

    Well Done!

    1. Sue,

      I agree with your statement. I worked hard to get that income. I am going to keep working hard to increase that income to point where I can quit my day job. You have to have a big enough WHY if you want to commit the time and energy necessary to reach your goals.


  5. Well, you don’t mail very often, but when you do it’s well worth reading.and very motivating for people like me, who are a long way short of $100 a day.

    1. Bruce,

      Thank you so very much for saying my blog is worth a read when you do get my posts. I am excited that you feel that way. I want to share my experience with making money online with people and it provides me with motivation when I get comments like this. Thank you again!


  6. Hi Jennifer,

    I just wanted to say — I am extremely impressed with you – and your site.

    I really enjoy your writing — and your honesty,

    If I can ever help with anything — please do not hesitate to ask.

    My very best to you,


    Chris Farrell

  7. Chris,

    Wow, just wow. Your comment has completely made my day, my week and my life. I recently signed up for your membership site and am working my way through all the content. I have seen so many others that have given credit to your membership site which is why I signed up. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you continue to read my site.


    1. Jennifer thank you ever so much!

      Let me know if you’re ever out here in LA — we’ll grab a coffee 🙂

      Continued success to you Jennifer


  8. Great results! =)

    1. Victor,

      Thank you so very much. Just signed up to read about your journey to creating your own lifestyle business. I get motivation from seeing the accomplishments of others. Best of luck on your journey.


      1. Thanks! That means a lot!


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