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September 2014 Online Income Report

My September 2014 Online Income Report

September was a turning point for me in that I focused almost entirely on one income source for the entire month. I have been learning about serving offline businesses using Facebook and I have been working on building up this business.

Why would I focus on offline businesses? The two primary reasons are 1) unlimited number of customers and 2)potential to earn several thousand dollars from a single client.

The hardest part of working with offline customers is sales. I am not a people person But the good news is that I hired my first employee last week and we are going full out to attack this market.

To start my online income report for September I have to confess that I did not work as hard as I normally do in my online business.

The reason is the start of football season. I am a die-hard University of Georgia football fan.

As of today Georgia has lost only one game to South Carolina. I was at that game too!

My prediction is Georgia will win out, win the SEC Championship and then win the National Championship. If any of my readers has two tickets to the SEC Championship or the National Championship game, let me know because I am looking for tickets.

Now getting back to my September 2014 online income report. I am going to quickly cover my new passive income streams first.

Book Royalties

My books that I have published on Amazon in both print and Kindle format continuously bring in monthly income for me. I do no work for this income.

Some people have asked me why I don’t publish my books for the Barnes & Noble Nook device? That is a very good question.

One day I went through and evaluated the reading devices owned by three generations of my immediate family. The results were 17 Kindle and 1 Nook.

That is why I don’t publish for the Nook because I do not feel it has a large enough percentage of the market to go after.

My book royalties brought in $31.09 in September.


Adsense is another passive income stream for me. I have only placed Adsense on my niche hvac and real estate investing websites.

Once it has been setup then it is a forget about it income stream.

In September I earned $16.47 from Adsense.

Offline Customers

This is my new area of focus in my life. As I mentioned earlier I hired my first employee one week ago today. In one week we have been hard at work at building up our offline business.

We have created a website, created a document for potential clients detailing our services, hired a lawyer to write a contract to give to customers, emailed over 90 businesses and scheduled our first meeting with a potential customer.

My new employee is way above average when it comes to people skills and sales.

He is going to be working the sales and when he closes a customer then I will be doing the back end on running the Facebook Ads. I will also handle the website and graphics to create our advertising.

It is a perfect fit of our strengths and talents. We have a Skype chat every day at high noon to discuss what we are working on, what needs to be done and who is going to handle the work.

I am sharing with him what I have learned about landing my first 5 offline customers. He has been learning the process and is ready to go full steam ahead with it.

In the near future my income from this one category will greatly increase as we build the business.

In September I earned $3,750.00 from Offline Customers.

Product Sales

My focus in this area has decreased as I worked on my offline customers. Sales of my Amazon Affiliate Bible have dropped as a result.

But I made a decision to focus on the area that I think will have lots of potential for me to accomplish greater income gains. So I do not regret the lack of attention for my products.

In September I earned $150.61 from product sales.

Facebook Advertising

This was one are that I dedicated myself this month. I have been mainly reading and learning from all the different blog posts that talk about different ways to be successful with Facebook advertising.

This is an immense amount of information on this topic and each article that I read provided at least one bit of information that I learned.

When I would find a good website on the topic then I would just spend hours reading every single blog post that they every published on Facebook advertising.

If you want to get good on a topic then you have to take time to learn everything you can about that topic.

I have bookmarked about a dozen websites that provide valuable information about Facebook Advertising.

Compared to last month my income from Facebook advertising has greatly decreased. But my knowledge of how to run effective Facebook ads has greatly increased.

In a way I knew I needed to work with someone that was strong in sales to compensate for my weakness in this area. That is why I spent the time to learn about Facebook advertising.

I earned $482.07 from Facebook advertising in September.

Affiliate Marketing

During September I was primarily using Facebook Ads to promote affiliate products. Affiliate marketing and Facebook opens up the doors for many people to start making money online.

Find a product that has a very good commission and then promote it on Facebook.

If you get very good at targeting with your Facebook Ads then you can be very successful in promoting Affiliate products.

In September I only earned $641.00 from Affiliate Marketing.

Resource Guide

For the second consecutive month I am adding this category to my online income report. And I am very proud that I am able to add it.

Several weeks ago I spent almost three days putting together my Ultimate Online Resource Guide.

If you printed out the Ultimate Online Resource Guide it is 28 pages long.

It provides reference to just about any tool or category that you might need if you are working online.

I am proud of the Ultimate Online Resource Guide because I allow people to purchase it and then turn around and make money from all of my hard work.

Winston Churchill made the famous quote

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life from what we give.

I try very much to share with my readers and that is why I am excited every time somebody purchases my Ultimate Online Resource Guide because I know they will be able to make money from it.

To everyone that purchased, thank you and I hope you make money from my efforts.

In September I made $80.00 from my Ultimate Online Resource Guide.

My September 2014 Online Income Report Results

Here are the results of my September 2014 Online Income Report:

$3,750.00 Offline Customers
$150.61 Product Sales
$31.09 Book Royalties
$16.47 Adsense
$482.07 Facebook Advertising
$641.00 Affiliate Marketing
$80.00 Ultimate Online Resource Guide


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by Jennifer Bland

I am an Entrepreneur. Mountain Climber. Neil Diamond fanatic. World traveler. MBA grad. Soon to be permanently retired from the ratrace. My website is a diary of strategies that I have used to make money online. I share what I have learned to help others.

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    That’s a really good month! You earned a lot from offline client services I see, and although such services dont steal the limelight in the IM world like product sales do, they are still a great way to earn a living online, with all the tasty benefits that come along with that. And the best part? There are any number of offline businesses, so there’s room for many more people to earn this way if they want to do so!

    1. Jack,

      You are right that there is a lot of potential clients when you look at the offline world. It takes work but the rewards can be great.


  2. I’m very interested in doing what you are doing with offline clients. I assume it’s getting leads for them and them paying you a monthly fee or a fee per lead. I’d like to learn how to do this. I think this is a good place to concentrate on. Would you be willing to share your technique on how you are doing this in detail?


    1. Bryan,

      You have it down as to what we are doing. We are putting together a course that shows you exactly how we are doing it so stay tuned.


      1. Great, that’s what I want as well. :))

        Have had a bit of a challenge getting a real business email address vs. using contact forms on web pages.

        1. Kimberly,

          I will put you down for the course and will let you know when it is available.


      2. Do you have a time frame of when the course might be available to us?


        1. Bryan,

          Hopefully by end of November. My employee and I live about a 90 minute drive apart so scheduling video shoots takes time to complete.


          1. Jennifer,

            I wanted to get started doing what you are doing with facebook leads for offline clients. I notice you have a pretty good style when explaining step by step how to do it. I am unclear on where to start, on how you are generating leads and maybe even hiring a sales person. Do you have some type of pdf on this or some type of training that would get me started before the end of November?


  3. Good stuff. I work FT but my offline business brings in more than my FT job. Just not ready to cut the cord yet but soon!

    My offline clients have been with me for over a year so the retention rate is high. I mostly offer SEO but would love a course on FB offline marketing. Please let us know when that’s available. 🙂

    1. Stephen,

      You must love your job if you are still working in it. Glad to hear that offline clients are loyal. Maybe we should talk about your SEO services some time for when my business grows to the point that we can offer additional services like SEO and farm it out to someone familiar with it. Will let you know when our course is completed.


    2. Hey Stephen,

      How can FB marketing be offline?
      What is here, that I don’t understand?

      1. Lze,

        Offline is a term to refer to brick and mortar businesses that you are advertising for them online for their business. It is called offline because their business is not conducted online but instead is offline meaning you have to go to the gym to workout or to the dentist etc.


  4. Hi Jennifer,

    Why deteriorating earnings in Facebook Ads?
    Aren’t they really good when considering time and money invested?

    1. Lze,

      I have been focusing on working with offline customers which means the time I would have spent on Facebook ads to promote affiliate products has been diminished. As a result my income from Facebook for promoting affiliate products declined.


  5. Excellent stuff Jennifer. It is always good to learn new things.

    That way you will always be in control of your destiny and your earning potential.

    I like the silver logo up top. Only thing – the writing underneath is a little difficult to make out, but it’s a lovely style. Congrats 🙂

    1. Victoria,

      Thanks for the feedback on my logo. I agree that the writing is not very easy to read. I have been working on variations of it and will probably ask my readers to vote on the one they like the best.


  6. I’m jealous. haha

    Very good report, awesome to see you are plugging away and growing! My income report wasn’t really that pretty, in fact it was a loss October looks like it will be the same. HOWEVER, I am learning and building a foundation…just need to keep on working.

    Here it is if you want to check it out at all, Jennifer.

    1. Ron,

      Just checked it out. Don’t worry if you are not making a huge profit on your first month in but just realize the hard work will pay off in the end.


  7. Hi Jennifer.

    Congratulations for another great month.You are inspiring other people like me also to come out of their comfort zone and put extra effort to leave their day jobs and become their own boss.
    As you mentioned that you are using Facebook Ads to promote affiliate products.So what is the difference between your earnings from Facebook advertisements and Affiliate products through Facebook Ads.Does that mean that when you talk about earning through Facebook advertisement then it includes (your own products+affiliate products) and when you talk about affiliate products through Facebook Ads then it included only affiliate products.

    1. Jhonty,

      Thank you! I have broken out my results with Facebook into different categories. I talk about using Facebook to promote offline businesses and I talk about promoting affiliate products. Two different strategies but using the same platform to accomplish the goal. I want to show people that there is a wide range of opportunity with Facebook.


  8. 1st timer here, great blog and nice to see you diversify your income streams.
    One thing I couldn’t help but notice and I’ve got to say that we have too many similarities.
    *I too have a plan to hire someone and reach after local clients.
    *I am an MBA grad who chose to blog instead of a boring 9 to 5.
    *I like too like Georgia, the Font though (perhaps this one doesn’t count) 🙂
    Best of luck Jennifer, I’ll try to be around more often.

    Aside: I’ve been exploring few nice blogs today and have been adding them to feedly.
    Congratulations, your blog makes it to the list.

    1. Asif,

      Looks like we are both going after a successful niche so good luck with it.


  9. Hi Jennifer,
    as always with your posts a most insightful read. You mention that you have decreased Facebook spend. Out of interest have you looked out or do you operate and regretting to grow the existing value of customers or for that matter try and convert the ones that didn’t convert.
    Nice work on your first employee and of course wishing you continued success!! looking forwards to the next income report.


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