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June 2013 Income Report

“When life gives you lemons then make lemonade.” I am not sure who said that but they are a genius and an incredible optimist. I may not have their level of optimism but I have definitely started making a new batch of lemonade after feeling the bitter taste of lemons in my mouth. June was my worst performing month online in 2013. Here is why.

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My Guide to Aweber

It is true that the money is in the list. Aweber is the leading email autoresponder on the market. I have put together a series of videos that show you how to use Aweber so you can be an expert in managing your list.

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May 2013 Income Report

The end of May was the half way point that I set for reaching my goal of earning $250/day so I can quit my day job. I have made tremendous strides in accomplishing this goal and I am proud to report that I am just $39/day short of reaching my goal. During May I made some strategic decisions that will guarantee that I will reach my goal.

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