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There is a difference in how people process information and learn. When marketing to your audience, your method of delivery should strive to reach the broadest spectrum based on learning styles. Successful marketers understand this concept and they deliver information that will appeal to the vast majority of their audience.

Let me give you an example of how this works. You have a potential customer who primarily learns by seeing something. Your method of advertising is a radio commercial that this potential customer has to listen to. Do you think your advertising will be effective in reaching this potential customer? The answer is probably not.

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February 2013 Income Report

Wow, my second monthly income report! Once you start something then you must continue to take action until you reach your goal. February was a very short month. My short-term goal is to break the $100 per day mark for 3 consecutive months. I just barely broke the $100 per day mark for February by creating an average of $100.34 per day. I reached my goal! Now I have to continue this momentum into March to make it 3 straight months.

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My Unorthodox Internet Marketing Strategy That Works

What I love about Internet Marketing – making money

What I hate about Internet Marketing – people who spam me all the time trying to sell me the next great thing

Traditional Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketers have earned a reputation of being spammy, aggressive and act like used car salesmen. None of these traits are positive.  Most marketers try to get you to purchase products that they are promoting. If you purchase they get a commissions. As a result they spend time marketing product after product after product to get you to buy so they can make money. In short they use you.

My Internet Marketing Strategy

With my website I have decided to utilize a tactic contrary to what most internet marketers use. Instead with my website my tactic is to provide valuable information and adopt a “Pay What You Want” strategy. All the information on my website is basically free. If you find that the information is valuable to you, then you have the OPTION of paying what you think the material is worth to you. You do not have to pay if you do not want to.

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January 2013 Income Report

Hello everyone this is the very first income report that I have ever posted about my experience with making money online. I will posts these every month.

There are currently 3 primary methods that I am using for making money online. They are book royalties, sales of my own products and affiliate marketing. I am very successful at Amazon affiliate marketing. I do not include this in my income report. My goal is to create multiple streams of income so that is why these reports focus on my efforts to create additional streams of income.

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