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Final Video and Free Powerpoint Templates

In my previous post I created 3 videos that showed you step by step how you can easily create a video to promote your website, a product you created or an affiliate product. It is very easy to create a video. I can create a short 1 to
2 minute video in about the same amount of time it takes me to write a 500 word product review article. The advantage of creating the video is that it will rank higher in Google without doing little to no work on your part. The product review article on the other hand can take several weeks or months or possibly never to get ranked highly in Google. Creating videos should be part of your strategy to rank highly in Google.

Below is the video that I created from my previous post. This short about 1 minute long video is promoting a tent on my website that promotes tents as an Amazon affiliate.

If you followed my previous post and watched my 3 step-by-step videos on how to create your own video, you will see how easy it was to create the video. My quick way of creating videos is to create a PowerPoint presentation and then record the screen show to make your video.

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How to create videos to rank on first page of Google

The recent Google penguin update had a negative impact on my Amazon affiliate websites. The worst impact was one of my oldest affiliate websites was completely de-indexed by Google. All the income that I was getting from this website just ended over night. I had several other websites that dropped dramatically in their rankings. Oddly enough some of my new websites that had the least amount of content actually ended up moving up in the rankings. I don’t understand why an older website with more content would be treated less favorably than a website created a few months ago with only 5 posts but that is what happened.

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Tip to Improve Your Amazon Earnings and Conversions

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic Everywhere But No Buyers

I am an Amazon Affiliate and make very good earnings from the 64 Amazon Affiliate websites that I have. Recently I noticed that one of the websites that I have had the longest is not producing the same amount of income that it produced in the past. Listen to my podcast and learn a trick that will show you what products people are clicking on to go to Amazon yet are not buying. Once you are armed with this information you can make some small changes to convert these users into buyers and increase your commissions. List to my podcast below.