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My August 2014 Monthly Online Income Report

August was the end of my first quarter of being self-employed and it was a very good month. The ability to spend more time with my family, start of football season, being able to do interesting events during what would have been my normal work hours have made August a very successful month.

Oh and let me not forget to mention that I earned more these past 3 months than I would have earned in 6 months in my day job!

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How to Use Facebook Custom Audience to Increase Sales on Your Amazon Affiliate Websites

If you do not know, I have over 50 websites that promote different Amazon products as an affiliate. With recent updates from Google it is becoming harder and harder to get posts on my Amazon affiliate websites to get ranked highly in Google. To combat this I started using a tool provided by Facebook to increase my sales on my Amazon Affiliate websites.

Facebook allows you to put a pixel on your website that tracks visitors to your website. Facebook will then associate a website visitor with that person’s Facebook profile. Once you have collected enough visitors to your website from the pixel then you can start advertising to these visitors on Facebook.

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My July 2014 Online Income Report

After coming off my very successful first month of being unemployed I was expecting things to go just as well if not better in my second month. It was much better but only if you don’t use dollars earned as the barometer of success.

I had determined that when I was going to walk away from my day job, I promised that I would not take any trips for the first 6 months. The reasoning is I would have a good measure of how much I could earn each month before incurring any major expenses.

The last thing I wanted to do was to get over my head in debt by incurring major expenses. Well it only took about 5 weeks for the desire for safety to go out the window and take off on my first travel trip in July.

If you know anything about you, you know that I LOVE to travel. I enjoy the experiences of seeing new places, cultures, food and ways of living. That is why I am working on membership in the Traveler’s Century Club whose membership is open to anyone that has been to 100 countries. I am only at 66 countries.

In July I was able to go on an adventure filled 6 day trip with my mother and younger sister to the north east part of the United States. Actually we visited 13 states and DC in 6 days while traveling almost 1,800 miles. For me being able to pack up and leave and go traveling with my family whenever I want is the barometer that I use for success and for that reason July was very successful.

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Ultimate Online Resource Guide

Getting started online can be a challenge. Most people do not know where to turn or what products or services to use. For that reason I have spent the past three days putting together my Ultimate Online Resource Guide.

Here in one location are links to the resources and products for a wide range of areas. For almost every topic I have included multiple resources that you can use. This allows you to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Want to know about recommended training courses? It is covered. What about Social Media Management. Covered too. Want to know how to protect your website? This too is covered in my Ultimate Online Resource Guide.

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How You Can Create a Targeted List Using Facebook Ads

The traditional method of building a solo ads list is to purchase solo ad after solo ad from different sellers to drive traffic to your squeeze page where you collect email addresses to add to your list. The problem with this method is that it costs money and it takes time.

Another problem is a good percentage of people that sign up on your squeeze page are “freebie seekers.” Freebie seekers are people that spend their time signing up for free stuff yet they never have any intention of every buying anything.

“The money is in the list.” Well that is true if your list buys but if your list is made up of Freebie Seekers then they will never buy. That makes your list – that you spent money building – worth much less.

The key is to get targeted subscribers on your list that are active and engaged and interested in a very targeted niche. That niche can be anything except getting free reports.

This allows you to build a list without Freebie Seekers which makes your list very valuable.

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