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My June 2014 Online Income Report

My June 2014 Online Income Report is my first income report from my time of being “unemployed.” If you have been following my Internet Marketing Journey then you will know that I permanently left the ratrace on May 30th.

For the month of June I woke up every day knowing that I was going to be my own boss and I did not have to drive to a 9-5 job and spend 9 hours a day in a cubicle working for somebody else.

Instead I get up everyday and get the opportunity to work on something for myself. I chose when I wake up, when I go to bed and when I get to do anything.

I don’t have to be beholden to a boss to approve my request to take time off for vacation. In fact I am leaving tomorrow to go on a short trip to the north eastern part of the US with my mother and younger sister. We will be gone for 5 days. One day will be spent staying on Monhegan Island in Maine. The other 4 days we are going to be driving 1,855 miles and cover 13 states. Strange way to travel but not unusual for my family. The best part is that the hard work I put in over the past two years has gotten me to the point where I can spontaneously plan a holiday like this and be on a plane less than two weeks later.

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UPDATED: How I improved my website page load speed

Back in February I posted all the steps I had taken to dramatically increase my website’s page load speed. Since then I have been doing more research and more tweaking and I have even increased my page load speed even further.

There are trade offs I had to make in my latest round of improving my page load speed. For example I want to track analytics using Google Analytics but including this code causes a hit to my page load speed. There are other trade offs that I will discuss each one.

Where I Was Before

If you have not read my initial post about improving my page load speed you should read it first. I give you the exact steps I took initially. This post is a continuation from that one.

From my last post here are my final stats which become my starting stats for this post.
Google PageSpeed Insights

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My May 2014 Online Income Report

May 2014 is the last month that I will have two incomes – my paycheck from my day job and my online income. Next month I will be down to just one income and it will be a challenge to adapt but I am looking forward to the opportunities that having only one income provides.

My last month on my day job was a whirlwind of activity. The project I was working on required literally 110% of my time and energy. Even though I know I would be leaving my job at the end of May I did not let that interfere with me giving my all at work.

I still kept to my morning ritual of working on my online business before work. At the end of the day I would come home work literally exhausted. Even so I still dedicated at least one hour almost every work week day to my online business.

Once change I made was to turn off all my alarm clocks so they would not ring on weekends during May. I slept as late as my body wanted on weekends. Once I got up I spent most of my waking hours on the computer working on my online business. I was learning new skills and techniques in May and I wanted to get very good at them before I was down to one income.

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My April 2014 Online Income Report

My April 2014 online income report is my next to last income report I will create while working for someone else. As of today I only have four more days left of working for somebody else. Then I will be working for myself and believe me the journey to get to this point was well worth the time and effort spent.

Preparing for an exit from the ratrace

A week after my birthday in April I submitted my resignation from my job. In America it is traditional to give a two week notice before leaving a job. I gave slightly more than a six week notice.

Now that I have time to look back on it, I have to laugh at what I went through to quit a job.

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Rank Cracker – Free Tool To Help Improve Your Websites Ranking in Google

Want to outrank your competitors? All you have to do is to find out the strategy they are using to rank above you and then just duplicate it.

As I have said before “Success Leaves Clues”. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just follow in the footsteps of those in front of you in Google’s ranking?

Usually you will have to purchase several expensive software tools to discover your competitor’s strategy. Today I am going to show how to do that with a free tool called Rank Cracker.

What is Rank Cracker?

Rank Cracker is a free tool created by Matthew Woodward.

Rank Cracker allows you to discover what link building strategy is being used by your competitors. Once you find out what they are doing then this tool will show you how to duplicate what they are doing.

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