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Secrets to My Success and a $200 contest for my Readers

Today is May 1st. On May 30th I will be unemployed. Don’t feel sorry for myself because I hope to never been employed by somebody else again for the rest of my life.

I gave my employer a six week notice. Considering I am the Project Manager for two of the most important projects in our department, I thought it was the best thing to do instead of leaving them in a lurch by giving a two week notice.

Tony Robbins is known to say if you don’t like the way things are then ask better questions and you will get better results.

Most people when they leave a job don’t want to burn bridges. I refuse to accept this perspective and instead I have asked better questions.

My view is not one of “not burning bridges” but instead my view is “I don’t want to ever go back across that bridge.” This is a totally different perspective on the same issue and definitely leaves you with a much different feeling.

This morning before work I spent some time reflecting on how I was able to achieve this lifetime goal of mine.

I wrote down everything that I have done that I feel is responsible for my success. Let me share everything that I attribute as a secret to my success.

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Step by Step Guide to Using Facebook Ads to Promote Affiliate Products

Recently I received an email from a company that I am an affiliate. They were offering 40% off on their Kettlebells for just 3 days. I jumped in and ran a Facebook Ad for 48 hours and earned over $70. Here are the step by steps instructions on what I did to promote this product.

Becoming an Affiliate

I am going to start off stating the obvious. In order for this tactic to work, you must be an affiliate for some product. In this example I am going to show you how this worked for DragonDoor.

DragonDoor is a company that I have been an affiliate for over a year. The gentleman that started the company is Pavel Tsatsouline.

Pavel is from the former Soviet Union. He use to train the Russian special forces. His training was centered around a kettlebell.

When Pavel came to US he brought the kettlebell with him and started to introduce it in the US. People who are into fitness lashed onto the kettlebell because it is an effective full body workout.

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My Solo Master Pro Review

Back in January I published a 2 part series on how to make money with solo ads without having a list. One method was to become a reseller. This allows you to sell solo ads and then have someone else deliver the traffic for you.

This method allows you to make a profit almost immediately because you are profiting off the list that someone else paid to have built. It save you the expense of building your very own list and then having to constantly maintain that list.

In theory this is a great model but only if it works. I recommended Solo Master Pro because it was being marketed by Don Leadman who is well regarded in the solo ads industry.

The problem is the theory and the reality did not match.

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My March 2014 Online Income Report

With two very good months in a row, I have finally decided to pull the trigger and on Friday April 19, 2014 I gave my notice at work. May 30th will be my last day I will every work for somebody else. Starting June 1st I will be permanently unemployed until the day I die.

In the past two months I have earned more online than I earned in THREE months in my day job. In simple terms that means I spent 82 hours to earn my online income for the past two months. It took me 502 hours working in my day job to match the same amount of income.

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My February 2014 Online Income Report

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. In February I had an amazing opportunity presented to me that resulted from 18 months of preparation on my part. That luck allowed me to earn online almost double my day job income.

Most of you know that I have over 50 websites promoting different products on Amazon. Once I am able to escape from the rat race I am going to split the income from these websites between my two sisters.

This will provide them with a healthy passive income stream that they can do whatever they want to do with it.

I am working on my building my own passive income stream that will allow me to escape the rat race that does not depend on my Amazon affiliate income.

I am on the verge of escaping the rat race. My birthday is April 8th and if everything goes according to plan I will submit my resignation on that day. Happy Birthday to me – BIG TIME!

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