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How I got free advice from a dozen millionaires (and 1 future billionaire)

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance” by Derek Bok

An investment in your own education will always provide the greatest ROI. This past weekend I was able to get free advice from a dozen millionaires by investing in myself.

What is NAMS?

From February 6th thru February 9th I attended the NAMS 11 convention in Atlanta, GA. NAMS stands for Novice to Advanced Marketing System. Some people claim NAMS means Niche Affiliate Marketing System.

It is a different experience attending NAMS vs attending the Warrior Forum Event, JVZoo Event or JVAlert Live. The primary difference is it is designed to provide value to attendees regardless of their level of experience with Internet Marketing.

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My January 2014 Online Income Report

You know how you are going to have a great year? You achieve great things in the first 30 days of the year. That momentum will guarantee that I will have a very successful 2014.

New Year New Beginnings

At the end of 2013 I planted some seeds that I wanted to reap in 2014. I started work on my new website MyEdesia to sell meal plans. The website is now built and I am reaching out to five chefs to partner with them on creating the meal plans.

I want to start my own podcast interviewing successful Internet Marketers. I attended NAMS convention in Atlanta and secured commitments from almost 20 highly successful Internet Marketers for me to interview them.

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How I Decreased my Website’s Page Load Speed by more than 50%

Have you ever visited a website and waited and waited and waited for the page to load? I have and it sucks. If you have to wait for a website to load then you are much more likely to leave.

How fast your website loads is an important part of your visitor’s experience. One way to keep your visitors engaged is to make sure they are served up your content very quickly.

Why Page Load Speed Matters

How fast or slow your website loads can have an impact on your bottom line, conversions, readership, page views and bounce rate. Here are some examples to show this:

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