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On this page is a list of products that I have produced. You can purchase them directly from this website. At the bottom of the list I have included products that I have used myself that have helped me to increase my online earnings as an Internet marketer. I have reviewed each of the products and provided links where you can purchase them if you are interested.

My Internet Marketing Products

I have created a range of Internet marketing products. The very first products I created were about the Amazon Affiliate program. When I started learning how to make money online this was the method I chose to start with in making money. As an Amazon Affiliate you create websites that review specific products that are sold on Amazon’s website. If someone clicks on the link that takes them to Amazon and purchases the product then you get a commission for the sale.

Amazon Affiliate Bible

Amazon Affiliate Bible was the very first product that I created. It shows how to improve your earnings and commissions as an Amazon Affiliate. Click here for more details about Amazon Affiliate Bible.

Amazon in a Box

Amazon in a Box provided everything you needed to get started as an Amazon affiliate. It provides quality product review articles that are 500 words long. It includes product review videos. It Includes custom designed headers for your website. It includes images of the products. If you ever thought about earning money as an Amazon affiliate then Amazon in a Box could get you up and running in no time.

Sorry no longer available.

My Real Estate Investing Products

I own 24 rental units. Most of these were purchased using creative financing techniques. I decided to compile all the different strategies that you can follow to purchase real estate if you do not have money or bad credit. The book I wrote is called “8 Ways to Purchase Real Estate with No Money and No Credit” which can be purchased on Amazon. It is available in both paperback and Kindle format. Click here for more details about “8 Ways to Purchase Real Estate with No Money and No Credit”

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Why is “Amazon in a box” no longer available?


    1. Bryan,

      I only made it available for a one week period.



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