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Solo Ads Rolodex

SellerCost# Click# GotOpt InsOpt in %OTOsCost Per SubWebsite
Alex Goodall$42.001001095550.46%$17.00$0.45
Amazon Free WSO$40.0001509664.00%$111.97$(0.75)
Barry Rodgers$22.0050572238.60%$17.00$0.23skype:barry-jenny
Bertus Engelbrechts$45.001001022221.57%$2.05skype:barry-jenny (Barry Rodgers manages)
Bob Bastian$30.001001405539.29%$17.00$0.24
Brandon Pierce$40.001001147767.54%$0.52
Brian Douglas$38.001001524932.24%$0.78
Calvin Ohara$38.001001287054.69%$17.00$0.30
Clayne Keegan$45.001001404532.14%$34.00$0.24
Cory Nemoto$40.001001417150.35%$0.56
David Metzel$40.001001152219.13%$1.82skype:david.metzel1
Doc "the coach"$40.001001706538.24%$17.00$0.35
Duncan McNamara$40.001001355137.78%$34.00$0.12
Ed Newman$40.001002099746.41%$51.00$(0.11)
Eva Zehar$38.0050823239.02%$1.19
Franky Chen$32.001001153328.70%$17.00$0.45
Fredrik Holmboe$50.001001293426.36%$1.47
Galina St. George$18.00501113733.33%$17.00$
George Dwyer$38.001001405237.14%$34.00$0.08
Hjalte Sofienfryd$40.001001172823.93%$17.00$0.82
Ian Wicks$40.001001113935.14%$17.00$0.59
Isaiah Jackson$20.0050471531.91%$1.33
Jeremy Uh$40.001001153429.57%$1.18
Joe Walter$34.001001335541.35%$17.00$0.31
Kalle Viidik$35.001001489161.49%$17.00$0.20
Les Blythe$40.001001483523.65%$1.14
Louis Martel$40.001001133530.97%$34.00$0.17
Michael McKay$105.0020025310742.29%$17.00$0.82
Neil Moran$40.001001266652.38%$34.00$0.09
Pat Selby$45.001001092220.18%$2.05
Peter Jones$40.001001233730.08%$1.08
Rin Otori$40.001001213730.58%$26.97$0.35
Robert Schultz$42.001001506140.67%$34.00$0.13
Scrembo Scrembo$38.001001145750.00%$0.67
Steve Brodsky$45.001001173933.33%$1.15
Tainy Kone$38.001001445034.72%$17.00$0.42
Thomas Kragsig$40.001001586138.61%$34.00$0.10
Tim Shrieves$50.001001213428.10%$1.47
Tom Miles$40.00100904448.89%$0.91tom.miles58(Skype)
Towhid Zaman$45.001001224133.61%$1.10


31 comments… add one
  1. I am surprised I have not came across your blog before. It is well written and
    kept my attention for more than an hour which is Impossible.

    My handle in the IM world is hustlinsmoke and I am the controversial marketer.

    So I will be somewhat controversial here. 🙂

    I think its hilarious that for one of your solo ad campaigns above
    it was almost two dollars per sub. Yet you put there contact info.
    Just an observation is all.

    I do appreciate your posts and think I have read most of them.
    I never subscribe to blogs but will at this time.

    I do quite a bit of coaching and mentoring, especially on Warriors
    and one thing I have found. You either have it or you don’t.

    You have it and keep up the great work.

  2. Nick,

    Where have you been all my blogging life? Glad you found me. Please tell everyone else about me.

    Wouldn’t including all results be controversial in itself in that you are showing the good, bad and the ugly? Too many people sugar coat things and it distorts reality.

    Thank you so very much for your kind words about my blog.


  3. Great site., lay-out and design. Love your sharing. I also admire your transparency.
    Also a good field to add is if the solo-ads received are from Tier 1 countries or not (US, Can, UK, Aus, NZ)
    I’ve had mixed experience for solo-ads and realised you have to pay more for quality leads.

    Good luck, although you won’t need it – as having a look at your site, you already have a plan for success 😉

    Bobby 🙂

    1. Bobby,

      That is a great suggestion to include what percentage of the clicks are from Tier 1 countries. Unfortunately I would have to go back through and manually calculate that for each solo ad and I just don’t have the desire to do that right now. If I revamp my site then I will include it. But you are right that it is worth every penny to get leads from Tier 1 countries.


  4. Hi,

    Thanks for this rolodex. Could you tell me how your Cost per sub is calculated?

    Tommy Lee

    1. Tommy Lee,

      The formula is:

      (Total Cost – OTO) / #optins


  5. Do you offer solo ads

    1. Dwayne,

      Yes I do!


      1. Jennifer,
        Your site is great. The content awesome. I’d be interested in a SoloAd. Please contact me. I also have a few other questions as I….like most am looking to be home more and not sitting at my J.O.B getting someone else rich.


  6. Nice post! One question…

    Are these lists just valid for the IM/mmo niches and nothing else? I’m in health & fitness.

    Just inquiring…

    1. DG,

      You can find solo ad sellers that have lists in the health and fitness arena. I have purchased them since I am in that market also.


  7. I don’t find any blog post on your Amazon Free WSO (second top on the Rolodex list above)
    That seems to be the most cost efficient way to build your list. Do you run Free WSO regularly?


    1. John,

      Your right I just mention my running free WSO as a method of building my list. I ran one while listbuilding and it was a very effective method of adding subscribers to my list. And yes I do run free WSOs.


      1. With your wso results, I’d say that you should put all your efforts there. I’m going to release a free wso in the next couple of days to:
        1 – build my lists
        2 – test my brand new funnel
        3 – have a new list to launch my next wso

        I’ll post my results as a case study as well.

        1. Franck,

          I would very much be interested in your results. I recently ran another free WSO and did not have as good a result.


  8. Awesome Post. Finding quality solo providers that deliver quality tier 1 traffic is hard these days. Your information will definitely help me in my next search for a solo provider. This site is great, with ease of access to valuable information about solo ads and getting good traffic. Great Job

    1. Morris,

      Thanks! Hope you find the perfect solo ad sellers from my list.


  9. Hey Jennifer, this is a great blog and as other have said, i don’t know why I didn’t found it before!!

    So, I see you have calculated your cost per subscriber. Do you have any figures for monthly profit-per-subscriber? It would be great so to understand at what point in time you turn each solo investment profitable.


    1. Daniel,

      That is a great idea to track that number but I have never traced it. I have started to build a list and then email them affiliate offers instead of treating them with the traditional solo ad method of sending spam message after spam message.


      1. I agree in not spamming your list, also tryin to add some value with free stuff once in a while is a good practice.
        If anytime you calculate that earning per subscriber figure it will be good info to share (earnings on affiliate offers promoted through your list / number of subscribers).


        1. Daniel,

          Adding value is the way to go. I wish you had been around when I started purchasing solo ads to tell me to calculate that cost. That would have been a smart move


  10. Hi Jennifer,

    I came across your site when I was looking for Solo Ad vendors. I haven’t tried solo ads before so I am doing my research.
    Your site is very helpful and also pleasant to be on, I’m not sure why, maybe because it’s uncluttered.
    I will be keeping an eye on your site from now on, I have found it quite helpful.


    David Hall.

    1. David,

      Glad you found my website! Be sure to tell everyone about it 🙂


  11. Hi, Great contents, Which high quality solo ad vendor do you recommend for the health / fitness niche and dog training? You are a rising star!

    1. Geofej,

      You would need to contact the sellers listed above to see if they work in those niches. Most solo ad sellers work in the MMO/IM niche.


  12. Hello Again
    I wrote to you higher up in this blog
    I forgot to say , i really loved your reason for wring as you do and wondered if i may put your URL in my website
    I like to help peopAlso do you sell clicks for high tier as that is what i need
    Please let me know
    Thanks Anne
    also re entering a small content and your url in my site
    Gets about 4 and a half thousand views a month Never earned a dollar from it either
    i just felt this site is just great for people to know a little more in this area

    1. Anne,

      Sure, just let me know what is your blog. Don’t mind sharing.


  13. Hi Jennifer,

    I’ve found your site helpful and a great example of how to start making income online. If you don’t mind me asking, where was most fo your income generated after your solo ad. Was it from affiliate offers to your list or selling solo ads utilizing this list?


    1. Jay,

      Most income came from selling a product to users immediately after they signed up to my list.



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