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Tip to Improve Your Amazon Earnings and Conversions

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic Everywhere But No Buyers

I am an Amazon Affiliate and make very good earnings from the 64 Amazon Affiliate websites that I have. Recently I noticed that one of the websites that I have had the longest is not producing the same amount of income that it produced in the past. Listen to my podcast and learn a trick that will show you what products people are clicking on to go to Amazon yet are not buying. Once you are armed with this information you can make some small changes to convert these users into buyers and increase your commissions. List to my podcast below.



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by Jennifer Bland

I am an Entrepreneur. Mountain Climber. Neil Diamond fanatic. World traveler. MBA grad. Soon to be permanently retired from the ratrace. My website is a diary of strategies that I have used to make money online. I share what I have learned to help others.

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  1. Really useful tip Jennifer. As it happens I downloaded such a report yerterday and was pretty surprised by it. Not only do I have a heckuva lot of clicks on some products with no sales at amazon I have a lot of sales at some sites with little traffic.

    Thanks for giving me the next step.


    PS how the heck do you manage to write for or even run 64 sites?

    1. Alex,

      I outsource the article writing. It is the only way to scale your business.


  2. Oddly, I cannot run your podcast. Even went so far as to download adobe flash, although chrome has a built in up to date flash player. Still doesn’t run. Just shows “Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.”

    1. Kate,

      I will look into this and get it fixed. Thanks for letting me know.



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